Three White Horses

With Arne De Tremerie & Freek De Craecker

Why are you, you?
From this question, a new beginning.
From this question, a new destiny.
For you are a world, and a meeting of worlds.
What if we could tell you the history of the world in just two hours?

Welcome to the final show
Hope you're wearing your best clothes.
Come with questions, leave with visions.
We are the link between the past and the future.
New scenery, 
new actors,
and there is a new crowd.

Why are you, you?
We are mirrors of each other.
We connect, we inspire, we multiply illuminations
with the unique light of art.
We are a twenty first century wonder.
Cause we got issues
But you've  got 'em too.

The Louvre Abu Dhabi - Youtube - Harry Styles - Julia Michaels


Three White Horses is the first theater project from the company Le Grand Comité de Salut Public. It deals all the possible ways we can fill in our identities and where we have to look for those on Youtube.

Made in collaboration with Arne De Tremerie & Freek De Craecker
Photography by Leontien Allemeersch
Many thanks to:  Bauke Lievens, Mieja Hollevoet, Tom Engels, Gregory Abels, Fabrice Delecluse, Sodja Lotker, all the moms and dads, De Robot, Marie Lambrechts, Pat Vermeulen and many, many, many more…