Der Bau

A project by Han Ruiz Buhrs & Adrian Linz


How can you live in transition and be one with your environment? -
As a human being you are constantly in transition, you move from one place to another and you have to relate to your environment and your memories over and over again. Becoming one with a new place forms your identity.
How can you commit to a place if you are constantly in transition?
Where do you feel home, if you live fluidly?

For three weeks a group of movers and shakers occupied the Floshal in the east of Amsterdam.
900 square meters of warehouse without any imagination. Here they worked on an durational installation which is focused on the individual experience of the spectator.
Their research resulted in a musical performance that could be visited for three days.

Concept: Han Ruiz Buhrs (scenography), Adrian Linz (director), Lautaro Hochman (composition)
Performers: Nora Ramakers, Nona Buhrs, Menzo Kircz, Saskia Wieser, Anna Lisa Grebe, Siebren Smink (guitar), Teresa Costa (flute), Mafalda Oliviera (baritone saxophone)
Production: Anne van Buuren (production manager), Eline Elbersen (assistant), Zita de Vos (assistant)
Technical production: Floris Vermist, Luca van Deurzen
Photography: Sophie Bellman & Robert van der Ree
Thanks to: Marc Warning, Carry Hendriks, Quirine Racké & Helena Muskens, Bart Visser, Steven van Watermeulen, Wouter van Loon, Annebeth Vlietstra, Lois Maat, Bas de Bruijn, Frits van Driel, Gemma van Kruijsbergen, Fred Brinkhoff, Jacobine Oudijk