Performances & Happenings


Filmfestival Pluk de Nacht - AMSTERDAM. 2022

Top. is the top of a mountain range in the middle of the city. It was build on het Stenen Hoofd, one of the last piece of unused, unclaimed and unspecified plots of land within the city of Amsterdam. It consisted of a wooden mountain range and a rice paper flag work shop. Top. enabled passers by to claim the land for themselves, just for a moment. Until the someone else came by to stake their claim, or until their paper flags got destroyed by the wind and the rain.

Created in collaboration with Victor Engbers, Filmfestival Pluk de Nacht and with support from het Mondriaanfonds.
Poster design by Victor Engbers
Photographs by Victor Engbers & Menzo Kircz


De Brakke Grond - AMSTERDAM. 2020

During the Puppet Playground Festival of '20 a true playground was created in the hallways of de Brakke Grond. Visitors of the festival were invited to create a world covering the floor of the entire festival using objects found in the basements, attics, nooks and crannies. The night ended with a story told in the new landscape.

Created in collaboration with de Brakke Grond with support of Feikes Huis.
Photographs by Jitske Nap.


De Brakke Grond - AMSTERDAM. 2020

For Puppet Playground Festival, four giant living mobiles were created to ensure the safety of the festival goers as they moved through De Brakke Grond in times of Covid-19.

Created in collaboration with de Brakke Grond with support of Feikes Huis.
Photographs by Jitske Nap.



There is a bunch of stuff here.
Let’s not do anything about that.
Just move it around a little.
Maybe we should make it worse. Maybe that would make it better.

In an attempt to do something truly joyful, there were some words, some things and a country music song.
After that, we tore down the stage and build the new world together.

Photographs made on the phone belonging to Marie Peeters, in coöperation with Menzo Kircz

Karaoke for the incurably sad

Het Paviljoen – GHENT. 2019
As part of the ‘PA\WS in the Pavilion’ residency series, a karaoke night was organized in the mess left from the party the night before. Anyone present was invited to sing a song but only sad songs where allowed.
Comfort food was supplied freshly fried all night.

The Karaoke for the incurably sad is available for bookings at weddings, parties and business events.

Photographs by PA\WS


A performance that pits a video projection and a live performer against each other. Painting and erasing, never stopping. Made as part of the group performance ‘The Mirror will make our living room look larger’ for the 4 Days in Motion Festival.

Coaching and support by: Cristina Maldonado & Sodja Lotker

Photographs by Vanesa Váchová

The Tea Party of Rage

During the Theaterfestival of 2017 a meeting was held in a broom closet of the Kaaitheater in an attempt to solve all the problems of the world. There was tea and we divided up all the problems, so no-one had to deal with everything at once.
As of yet, it is still a work in progress.

The Big Balloon Show for Drunk People with a Broken Heart

With Freek De Craecker

A story of two wales, a balloon man and his dog. The song of a frog and a lot of smoke. The closing performance of the Campo MayDayMayDay festival was made for every brokenhearted drunk around the world.

Photograph by Freek De Creaker

The Safari of Mixed Emotions

NTGent Schouwburg – GHENT. 2016
A tour through a theatre by someone who is very unsure of what he is doing there. A conversation about repressive tolerance and the difficulties of soft rebellion. We ended at a fridge that was standing in the basement, as if it got lost but still tried to be useful.