An exercise in digital storytelling made collaboration with Shaly López

Luftpost is the first instalment of the Luchtpost/AirMail/ParAvion/CorreoAereo/… project. With this project, we try to discover and devise ways to make theatre that can travel, without the performers having to travel with it. It is an attempt to re-evaluate what we mean when we say we want to create theatre in a durable way as it takes away both the emotional and environmental pressure that comes with touring any show. It also allows theatre makers and performers to create work that is not dependent on any institutionalised infrastructure for the performance of the piece. 

The creation of each iteration deals with questions concerning the nature of theatre and performance. What are the parameters by which we judge something to be theatre? What constitutes as performance? Who performs and in which space? As these questions have many answers, each iteration of the project will be different, shining a new light on theatre and the performing arts and the ways they can be practiced. 

Luftpost was created as a first trial version over a period of three weeks using only programs that could be found readily online. The work is based on what in the online world is called an Alternate Reality Game (ARG), a multi-media form of storytelling that is often highly immersive and performative. The project is scheduled to be further developed as soon as possible. The trial version is still available upon request.

Creation: Shaly Lopez & Menzo Kircz

Made with the support of the NORMA Startersfonds