Other People, common ground

Other People, common ground is an attempt to radically deviate from the pressure to create ever more new pieces of work. It is the continuous and long term meeting between two autonomous practices. Not aimed at finding a common voice but rather at finding a conversation. It is not a conclusion we are looking for, if a conclusion could ever be reached, as the questions that we will encounter before we would ever get there are far more interesting.

Other People is a process that travels. Every meeting takes place in a new location, forcing us to work with only the bare necessities. Our bodies, our practices and the scores of the meetings we've had before. Never finding a home outside of the work itself.

Time is an integral part of the work. Working together and sharing practices, taking into account how these practices evolve through the years. We will write a history of our practices, individually shared. Because of this, we have decided to work together over a period of twenty years, meeting twice a year for two consecutive weeks each time.

We work and we share our work. By opening our studio space, by organizing workshops, by working with others.
Much remains yet to be seen. Much will be discovered.


Previous Editions:
Edition #0 - Prologue - Ghent / Campo - May 2019
Edition #1 - The Monday Edition - Bergen /
Bergen Dansesenter - February 2020
Edition #2 - The Noise Edition -  Leuven / Cas-Co - December 2020
Edition #4 - The Kotoisa Edition - Ii / KulttuuriKauppila - October 2021
Edition #5 - The Metropolitan Edition - Tokyo / BUoY - November 2022
Edition #6 - The Revision Edition - Cluj - Napoca / REACTOR - January/Febuary 2024

Ongoing Edition:
Edition #3 - The Online Edition

Upcoming Editions:

Concept and realization in collaboration with Mirte Bogaert
Made possible by the support of Arts Council Norway, The Embassy of The Kingdom of the Netherlands in Japan, The European Union and the Goethe-Institut.