With Leontien Allemeersch

We have tried not to make anything new.
We have only put the things next to each other
in a different way.
Or against each other.
Or very far apart.

A standvogel is a resident bird, choosing
to stay for the winter instead of flying south.
It starts by looking at what is already there.
Every place is a collection.
An only partially planned combination of objects, people, coordinates, plans and events.

Standvogel is a never-ending project that started in late 2018.
It is an attempt at gathering a place.
It is a series of images and texts.
It was a performance and a gathering.
It is an incomplete collection.





Concept & realisation in collaboration with Leontien Allemeersch
Made possible by De Koer
Photographs by Leontien Allemeersch and Menzo Kircz
Photography of performance by Alexander Deprez