With Joeri Happel

The second-to-last day.
Until then the time seemed endless.
As if we were there only accidentally.
This morning I got up.
It seemed as though I recognized everything.
I knew it couldn't be a dream, as dreams are never as clear and concrete as this emptiness.

I stared at the plains and thought I had died.
In the distance I saw my brother.
I called out for him.
He hardly reacted.
A soft snigger, it could have been the wind.

I walked in his direction, but it turned out it wasn't him.
A rock, more in the shape of a dog than of a man.
'So there really is a chance I'm dead.' I thought.
'How much time do we have left, after we're dead?'
'I couldn't tell you' the rock answered.

The sky has been swept clean by the wind.
Land is flowing, grain by grain.
No horizon.


We try to figure out the world we have unexpectedly found ourselves in. How that came to be. How it will go again next time. Pareidolia is a visual and physical theater play set in an abandoned building, on a playground, in a desert

Pareidolia on Vimeo

Concept & performance in collaboration with Joeri Happel

Directed by Silke van Kamp
Color photography by Johan Pijpops Theaterfotograaf
Black & White photography by Alexander Deprez
Many thanks to: Timme Afschrift, Kishan Signh & Het nieuwstedelijk, Joris Durnez & NTGent, Celine Verkest & MiramirO, Johnny De Meyer & I-Luna Group, Grégory Abels, Mieja Hollevoet, Bauke Lievens, Fabrice Delecluse, Sebastiaan Eggermont, Anna F. Jäger, Midas De Saedeleir, DS Fibers