Indeterminate Correspondences

Vanaf vandaag is er vanalles aan de hand
Een tasbaar vlak ligt voor ons
En alles komt voorbij
En alles gaat voorbij
Soms moet de zon wat vaker opkomen voor het echt een nieuwe dag is.

‘Wij zijn twee stippen op elkaars horizon, maar ik zwaai naar je vanuit de verte


Indeterminate Correspondences (original title: Onduidelijke Correspondenties) is a table-sized theatrical performance with an audience as big as the amount of people that can be seated there. It is a search for a shared space. For the ways in which we try to transform our personal experiences into a language we can all understand. 

Indeterminate Correspondences was created to be playable at any location and at any time. An attempt at making theatre without being dependent on theatres or festivals and their technical facilities. For this same reason it was made to be mobile. Everything that's needed for the piece fits in a back pack.

Indeterminate Correspondences is never finished. It is a methodology as much as a show. It is a perpetual work in process and it is made to be adjustable. Versions of the piece have been performed at tables in the Netherlands, Belgium and Spain in Dutch, English and Spanish. The performance is still touring through Europe.

Indeterminate Correspondences can be booked for showings at home or elsewhere. Any place with a table will do.

Indeterminate Correspondences visited Kunstenfestival Plan B, Openbare Werken, Expeditie Cement, Festival Boulevard, Montignacht, Vama Veche, Chambre D'O, SORRY, NOT SORRY Festival & Imparables (ESP) and many tables in many homes.

Media & Publications:
Kunstenfestival Plan B [Dutch]
Gouvernement [Dutch]
Diario Critico [Spanish]


Dramaturgy by Pim Cornelussen & Marie Peeters
Coaching by Benjamin Verdonck & Sébastian Hendrickx
Photography by Leontien Allemeersch
Made with the support of De Brakke Grond & Festival Cement
Many thanks to Frederik Le Roy, Timme Afschrift, Salomé Mooij, Elly Van Eeghem, Leontien Allemeersch, Eva March, Han Ruiz Buhrs, Joeri Happel, Mats Van Herreweghe, CAMPO, Festival Cement, De Brakke Grond, Grégory Abels, Fabrice Delecluse, KASK Drama, The Young, Christine De Smedt, Freek De Craecker, Arne De Tremerie, everbody who let me play at their house and many others..